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    Black Hole bending light.

    this is fucking terrifying

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    Animal Locomotion: Reanimating Muybridge’s 19th Century Illustrations with GIFs

    The 19th century photographs by Eadweard Muybridge captured something that had previously been too fleeting for the human eye: the mechanics of animal locomotion.

    In his 1893 book Descriptive Zoopraxography, or the Science of Animal Locomotion Made Popular, Muybridge described his most famous animal locomotion capture of a horse. The series of photographs aimed to settle a dispute over “the possibility of a horse having all of his feet free of contact with the ground at the same instant, while trotting, even at a high rate of speed.” The photographs revealed conclusively for the first time that a horse’s feet do indeed leave the ground all at once while in full gallop, the horse pulling its legs briefly underneath itself before sprinting forward.

    Muybridge’s animal locomotion studies were a great success and he traveled around showing the horse and other creatures in motion through his “zoopaxiscope” that brought the series of frozen images to life in a sort of early stop motion movie projector. Collected in the Descriptive Zoopraxography book are some of these images, which were traced from his original photogravures. While you might not have a zoopaxiscope handy to reanimate the animals, we do have the magic of animated GIFs.

    For many more of Muybridge’s dizzying GIFs, keep reading Animal Locomotion: Reanimating Muybridge’s 19th Century Illustrations with GIFs on Atlas Obscura…

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    this one’s dedicated to all the ravers in the nation


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    American Graffiti - Photos du tournage - Dennis Stock

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  10. Berlin, 2012


  11. hipsteria, Berlin 2013


  12. hipsteria, Budapest 2013


  13. hipsteria, 2013



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